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Smart & Caring Communities

Leading up to Canada’s 150th anniversary, the Salt Spring Island Foundation is participating in Smart & Caring Communities, a landmark effort for Canada’s 191 community foundations to pursue two significant goals by 2017. The first is to reach more Canadians, filling the gaps in the network so that every Canadian is served by a community foundation by 2017. The second is to establish Smart & Caring Community Funds; while each fund will be unique to its community, all will share the same vision—building a nationwide legacy and permanent assets that will serve Canadian communities for years to come.

The Salt Spring Island Foundation has launched a multi-faceted Smart & Caring Salt Spring initiative. Three new endowed funds have been established by the Foundation to help grow philanthropy on Salt Spring. They support youth in philanthropy, volunteerism and projects to strengthen non-profit organizations.

The Foundation has also launched Smart & Caring Salt Spring funds to help tackle the two most critical areas of need on the island, as determined by the Foundation’s 2012 Community Needs Survey: affordable housing and community health, with a special focus on mental health. If they wish, donors may direct their gifts specifically to these new funds, which will benefit the non-profits that are working hard to deal with these important needs. It’s just one more way to connect islanders to causes that really matter to them.