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Our work would not be possible without our volunteer committee members. They provide valuable advice, experience, and vital connections to the community:

Communications Committee
Lesley Reynolds (Chair), Paul McElroy, Kate Merry, Diane Thomas

Donor Relations Committee
Sharon Glover (Co-Chair), Kate Merry (Co-Chair), Lesley Reynolds

Finance and Audit Committee
Eric van Soeren (Chair), Dennis McLuskey

Grants Advisory Committee
Gordon Chutter (Chair), Barry Cooke, Susan Eide, David Norget, Sylvia Ommanney, Bob Rush,                         Philippa Tattersall, Greg Taylor, Kim Woolcock

Investment Committee
Terry Bolton (Chair), John Binsted, Nick LeMoine

Vital Signs Steering Committee
Kees Ruurs (Chair), Lesley Reynolds, Brian Lawson, Kate Merry, Paul McElroy,  Ellie Langford-Parks,                     Maggie Allison, Kim Hanson, Gordon Chutter