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About Our Grants

Foundation grants support a wide range of community activities and projects, benefitting dozens of local charitable organizations and making Salt Spring a better place to live. From community health and affordable housing to projects in the areas of environment, education, agriculture, the arts, culture and heritage, recreation, community safety and more, our grants touch the lives of thousands of islanders.

The Salt Spring Island Foundation can only grant to registered charities and other donees qualified with the Canada Revenue Agency.

Organizations must demonstrate a strong and committed Board, financial transparency and solvency, effective management and the capacity to carry out the proposed initiative.

Foundation grants support well-defined projects that benefit residents of Salt Spring Island. As a basic guideline for grantmaking, the Foundation will seek a balanced and broad view of community needs, with particular consideration to researched and documented priority areas. Grants are awarded for specific purposes and for projects covering a definite time period of a year, with the exception of multiple-year grants. Grants are usually given for special, new or demonstration projects; as start-up funds; and for construction, equipment or furnishings.

The Foundation encourages grant applications that:

  • Promote cooperation and sharing among organizations to minimize duplication of services
  • Develop collaborations and partnerships that aim to strengthen or sustain meaningful work
  • Increase conversations between groups working together to solve local problems and build linkages with other sectors of the community
  • Engage vulnerable individuals and populations to strengthen inclusion and build resilience
  • Expand skills, ideas and abilities of local people and communities
  • Pilot new approaches to addressing emerging or existing community issues and needs
  • Apply new learning and unique ideas to solve complex social issues
  • Enhance volunteer participation and citizen involvement

The Foundation does not fund:

  • Ongoing operating expenses, including fundraising costs
  • Regular staff salaries
  • Funds to cover budget deficits
  • General fund drives
  • Annual charitable appeals
  • Directly awarded bursaries, scholarships and awards
  • Benefits to individuals
  • Travel to and/or attendance at conferences, competitions, symposia or annual event
  • Retroactive payment
  • Activities of religious organizations that serve primarily their membership and/or direct religious purposes
  • Political advocacy
  • Fees for professional performers or guest artists

“What a lucky community to have so much help, in all the right ways, from the Foundation, truly a "foundation" that connects us all in so many ways.”

Brenda Guiled, Island Pathways President, Partners Creating Pathways

“Salt Spring Island Community Services has benefitted immensely from the SSI Foundation over the years. They clearly recognize the need to assist vulnerable people in our community.”

Rob Grant, Executive Director, Salt Spring Island Community Services

“Thank you for your contribution to Salt Spring Elementary. Our garden has contributed many moments of independence, wonder, solace and achievements to our students.”

Gail Bryn Jones and Katherine Byers, Teachers, Salt Spring Elementary, School District 64

“The Foundation helps create a truly liveable community by supporting a vast array of projects.”

Cicela Månsson, Executive and Artistic Director, ArtSpring

“If you are considering charitable giving as part of your financial planning, the Salt Spring Foundation will ensure that your money is well looked after and applied locally to worthwhile causes.”

Andrew Ross-Collins, President, Gulf Islands Marine Rescue Society